Incubation Models


VougaPark has created several incubation models adapted to the different stages of business development:

  • Scaleups area
  • Incubator
  • Virtual Incubator
  • Cowork spaces
  • Workshop spaces
  • R&D Labs

VougaPark offers spaces for the installation of both startups and scaleups that gather all the conditions to foster an innovative environment.

In VougaPark there is also a physical and virtual incubator, to encourage and support the creation, development and sustained growth of innovative business ideas.

The cowork space gives the possibility to freelancers and companies to use the same space, sharing ideas, motivations, talent exchanges and collaborations, in an innovative environment, offering conditions for startups and small companies to get started with guaranteed access to shared resources and services.



Vougapark also offers research and development spaces, as well as a state-of-the-art laboratory, to support technology-based companies to increase their competitiveness.

Focused on optimizing resources, reducing costs and maximizing space, VougaPark also has several infrastructures to support companies: auditorium, exhibition hall, meeting rooms, workshops, restaurant and a bar. VougaPark offers the possibility to hold exhibitions in a space with a capacity for 350 people, host meetings in specific offices for this purpose, use of training rooms, and access to all shared services.