VougaPark among the finalists at the South Europe Startup Awards

VougaPark among the finalists at the South Europe Startup Awards


VougaPark was one of the 4 finalists of the national phase in the Best Incubator / Accelerator Program category within the scope of the South Europe Startup Awards, a competition that includes countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

These Awards aim to inspire, stimulate and recognize the entrepreneurial spirit, disruptive innovation capacity, ecosystem cohesion and collaboration, for the benefit of each country's economic growth.

The aim of this contest was to connect participants in the innovation ecosystem and involve them with enthusiasm, allowing international exposure for their startups, leveraging the ability to boost their growth and expand into international markets.

The winners would be finalists for the Global Startup Awards, already present in more than 60 countries, and 3 different continents, currently representing the largest independent competition in the entrepreneurial ecosystem worldwide.

This nomination affirms Vougapark and its innovation ecosystem as national references, right from the start, and allowing the international exposure of its programs and startups, leveraging the capacity to boost its growth and expansion and attractiveness in the region .

One of Vougapark's recognized great strengths is based on its ability to develop different business hosting models that allow it to respond adequately to different stages of business development, which has enabled it to capture and support different successful entrepreneurial projects capable of promoting and leverage the region. Allied to this, we highlight the partnerships and synergies established with regional and national reference economic agents, which provide entrepreneurs with a sharing and interaction with the agents of the territorial business base, and with national and international players, thus giving a territorial scope unquestionable.

Vougapark has an active role in promoting networks between interested parties across the value chain and in all sectors, establishing links between different actors, such as public administration, traditional industry, technological startups and SMEs, universities and scientific organizations.

The Park has also worked on listening to the region's training needs, promoting a set of initiatives adjusted to its real needs and interests.

Recently, we can highlight the contribution and support in the (re) activation of an Innovation Microsystem based on blueberries; VougaPark Meet-ups; Vouga Business Challenges, Training Camps and Teambuildings; promotion of the Ideas Contest “Launch your Future!”